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If you’re dreaming of a low table with a removable table top, then Fermob has just the thing for you! Cocotte is a clever, practical occasional table. But that’s not all: it’s also a money-saver because it comes with its very own integrated table top, so there’s no need to buy a tray! Cocotte is all about convenience. Imagine you have friends around. You pour them a drink in the kitchen, then carry the glasses out on the removable table top of your metal round table. Simply place the top back on its base, and the party’s in full swing! Then, as the evening draws to a close, you can clear everything away in an instant. Such a clever idea! Cocotte may be small, but it’s no less sturdy. It’s designed to live outdoors or indoors, to withstand all weathers, and to support heavy loads. Add to that the fact that the Cocotte low table is made entirely in France, and it becomes even more appealing! Combine Cocotte with one or more occasional tables from the same collection, and arrange them separately or in groups. And with 24 colours to choose from, what more could you wish for?

Fermob Cocotte Low Side Table – Removable Top

SKU: 04
  • Weight: : 3 kg
    Dimensions: Height 43.5 cm, Width 44.5 cm, Length 55 cm
    Frame : Steel rod
    Table top : Aluminium sheet, removable
    UV Resistant 

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